Every Body Has a Brain is an award winning suite of CD’s and downloadable games, songs, and stories for 4-6 year olds funded by grants from the National Institute of Mental Health’s Small Business Innovation Research Program.

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Behind the scenes at Morphonix: The Making of Every Body Has a Brain

The Songs

Seventeen songs from the video game Every Body Has a Brain, an interactive musical game, awaken children to the growing power of their brain and a mindfulness about caring for it. Along the way, kids learn what different parts of their brain do and that your brain helps you walk and talk and sing and play and a whole lot more! The songs are available on CD and as downloads on Amazon and iTunes.

The Game

You’ll meet Phoebe Brainheart, a girl who loves finding out new things about the brain – all kinds of brains! Children visit different parts of Phoebe’s brain to play games, sing along with songs, and play interactive stories.The design of each game mirrors the content. For example, in the Cerebellum, games involve coordination and balance; in the Hippocampus, they engage memory; and in the Cerebral Cortex; they elicit creativity and problem solving.

Every Body Has a Brain - Game

‘Every Body Has a Brain’ – Slideshow

In the process of playing children will:

  • Gain a new sense of wonder and appreciation for their brain.
  • Understand the basic structures and functions of the brain.
  • Understand that all the parts of the brain work together.
  • Realize that it’s important to protect their brain.
  • Appreciate what an amazing and vital organ the human brain is.

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